lunes, septiembre 23, 2013

A Suecia con amor

Feria de Gotemburgo, allá voy!

Photo: Stefan Tell

Intense agenda for Isol in Gothenburg

The 2013 laureate Isol will participate at the Göteborg Book Fair, September 26-29. The programme includes seminars, discussions and workshops with children among other things 
– We tried to satisfy as many target groups as possible when planning her agenda, says Helen Sigeland, Director of the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. Many people are curious about her artistry and Isol is also interested in meeting Swedish colleagues and readers. 

A talk with author and jury member Mats Kempe on September 26 is one of the highlights of Isol’s programme. She is also guest of honor when Minister for Culture Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth opens the reading promotion project The Children’s Square, where the new Swedish Reading Ambassador is presented. Isol also participates in several public conversations and leads workshops for children organised by Gothenburg City Library and The Frölunda House of Culture. 

Se podrá ver algunas de las actividades ON LINE en vivo desde Suecia

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roberto dijo...

Felicitaciones! Talento argentino por el mundo! ¿La agenda contempla que también respirás? porque va a ser movidita la cosa!!
Buen viaje!